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Vanishee is a women’s clothing brand from Polo & Wine Ltd.. The https://www.vanishee.com/ site and ”Vanishee”logo are copyrighted by Polo & Wine Ltd

We are currently operating in the United States, Canad, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Monaco, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and other regions and countries of the market.

We are mainly engaged in high-quality fashionable women’s clothing in the middle and high end, simple and exquisite without losing elegance is our clothing business card, the style is mainly oriented to the majority of young and middle-aged groups of women. We are now focusing on online sales. The site will publish the latest and creative products every season. Behind the brand has a mature handicraft factory as the brand support, specializing in a variety of women’s clothing craft production. Specializing in handcrafted tailor-made clothes, we have excellent garment layout room and craftsmen and production rooms, to ensure that our products can be creative output. We insist on doing a good job in every detail of clothing, strictly control the quality and comfort of fabrics and materials that can be worn, and always follow the philosophy of environmentally friendly respect for nature.

We hope to bulid a sustainable and healthy clothing brand. Want to create a dream river to bring you a special experience!

Our products are the result of the labor and effort of our staff. We are grateful to all those who participate in our Vanishee and also to our esteemed customers who choose our products.

Contact Us:
Company: Polo & Wine Ltd

Company number:15474371

Address: 26 Vivian Avenue, London, England, NW4 3XP
Mail: support@vanishee.com
Tel: +447888862901

Updated on 5th, April, 2024

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